Sep 222011

Marlene MullingsMy name is Marlene Mullings, I am from the beautiful country of Jamaica. I am married and have three handsome boys. I am an expanded duty assistant that have worked in the dental field for thirteen years. I chose to be a dental assistant because I am a hands on and technical person who enjoys the artistry of dentistry. I have been working for Dr. Maxine Moncrieffe and her associate Dr. Marcella Guzman for the past three and a half years. I can proudly say that I am working in an office that the team is on one accord, the dentistry is meticulous and it makes me not hesitate to be at work at 6;30 A.M every morning. I am a dedicated assistant who is excellent in calming the fears of the anxious patient. When I am not at the office, I enjoy cooking, entertaining, crafts,and traveling with my family. Hope to see you soon.