Wisdom Teeth Extractions


The extraction of wisdom teeth is a rather difficult procedure if they have not erupted yet. Although some dentists do have the knowledge and level of skill necessary to perform the procedure, more often than not the presence of an oral surgeon will be necessary. Wisdom teeth extraction is available at Making Orlando Smile – Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry under the capable hands of Dr. Maxine Moncrieffe & Dr Marcella Guzman.

In general, it is normally the decision of the dentist to have a patient’s wisdom teeth removed or not. Though in the past the only way to determine if the extraction was necessary was through an examination of the oral cavity, more technological advances have been made which allow the dentist to determine if a person’s wisdom teeth will need to be removed without any dental examination. X-rays have become a dentist’s best guide for the decision and also aid in the planning of the procedure.

Typically, the younger the patient, the fewer the risks involved with a wisdom tooth extraction. The most common problems that are faced by patients over the age of fifty are that the jaw bones have fused to the wisdom teeth. In due course, the longer the extraction is postponed the greater the risks of incurring complications from the procedure. Because of this, if at the age of eighteen dentists see some possibly difficult wisdom teeth will recommend the extraction.