Surgical Tooth Extractions


Tooth extractions are surgical procedures, which are commonplace in the world of dentistry and can be done in the offices of Making Orlando Smile – Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry. Some tooth extractions may be of the simple nature where in the tooth has erupted from the gum. In cases like these, there is no invasive procedure needed. However, with teeth that are deep set, it may be necessary to cut into the gum and extract the tooth through there.

People who are most likely to be in need of tooth extractions have a large amount of damage on their teeth along with those who have impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are those which can erupt fully into the gum line and are mostly the wisdom teeth.

Before the procedure can be done, Dr. Maxine Moncrieffe will need to assess the situation in the patient’s mouth with the use of an x-ray along with a file on the patient’s dental history. In order to get the best method for extraction, the dentist will use the x-ray and determine the path to take. It may be possible that the patient will be given an antibiotic which must be taken for a set amount of days prior to the extraction as well as a preparatory plan for the use of the anesthetic. Normally, only a local anesthetic will be needed for the extraction but stronger types may be needed for surgical extractions.

Post extraction, the patient can expect some bleeding for roughly twenty four hours during which gauze will be applied for a more controlled excretion of blood. If the patient finds that he or she is experiencing some aches in the area, it will only be for roughly two days and can be controlled with per-approved pain killers or compresses. After extraction care includes keeping the area relatively clean and disinfected with some salt water every few hours.