Root Canal Treatments


Root canal treatments are another service provided by Dr. Maxine Moncrieffe and the team at Making Orlando Smile – Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry. Upon the initial trip to the dentist, the patient will be given a suggested antibiotic which should be taken or undergone for several days before the actual root canal treatment is done.

On the day of the root canal, the tooth and areas around it will be given the proper dose of anesthesia to ensure that the patient experiences no pain throughout the process. In order to gain entry into the necessary pulp chamber and other canals, the dentist will have to use a drill. Once the dentist has gained entry into the canals, the infected areas will be cleaned of debris and bacteria with malleable nickel titanium files along the canal and root ends. Additional equipment such as x-rays may be needed to measure the root in order to avoid any excess or unnecessary damage to the surrounding areas.

Upon the completion of this process, the tooth is then disinfected and closed using a gutta-percha which is an organic and bio-compatible material which takes roughly fifteen minutes to completely seal off the canal. Alternately, dentists may decide to use a material made of resin to bond and seal the canal. Temporary or permanent fillings are then used to fill the hole drilled into the tooth. For most cases, the temporary filling is placed first in order to allow the tooth to heal. Once the tooth has been healed and the process is considered successful, the permanent filling is then set.