Crown Lengthening


One of the procedures offered by Dr. Maxine Moncrieffe & Dr Marcella Guzman is crown lengthening which is done in the case that there is a tooth which needs to be repaired. For teeth that don’t erupt enough out of the gum to provide the stability need for fillings or crowns, crown lengthening is the best option. Teeth that will need crown lengthening are those which end at the gum line or when a filling/crown that is placed in a previous procedure breaks leaving tooth decay. Because of this, there is a need for the dentist to render a larger surface mass of the tooth which is achieved via the extraction of soft gum tissue.

Preparatory Work

Prior to the actual procedure, it will be necessary to see Dr. Moncrieffe and Dr Marcella Guzman for a general review of the patient’s medical/dental history along with a tooth cleaning after which the surgery can be scheduled. A temporary crown may be set in the instance that there is a need for it. The temporary crown can assist in making the procedure of the crown lengthening a smoother process and it also provides the tooth with the necessary protection. After being given the sufficient healing time of roughly three months, another preparation will need to be made where in a second temporary crown will be affixed to elongated tooth. Once this second round is completed, the final crown will be constructed.

The Procedure

A local anesthetic will be needed to complete the crown lengthening procedure and the time it will take the process to be completed will vary according to the amount of teeth that will need the procedure. Upon starting the process, Dr. Moncrieffe will be making incisions along the gum line to allow the separation of the appropriate amount of gums away from the teeth. After the separation of the gums, it may be necessary for some bone mass to be removed, after which the area will be cleaned and disinfected with a salt wash before the gums can be stitched together. Depending on the situation, the stitches may be covered with a bandage. In the case that there are already crowns present on the teeth that need the crown lengthening procedure, they will be taken off before the process starts and replaced upon the completion of the surgery.


Once the procedure is completed, the patient will be prescribed with some medication to control the pain along with a disinfecting mouth wash. The patient will also be required to undergo a diet of soft and easy to consume food. During the brushing of teeth, it is necessary that the patient avoid allowing the brush to make contact with the stitched areas and flossing can be substituted with the use of a water or tooth pick.

The area that underwent the crown lengthening procedure will be expected to swell and employing ice on the area will decrease the amount of swelling. Within two weeks, the patient will need to make a visit to Making Orlando Smile – Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry so that Dr. Moncreiffe & Dr Marcella Guzman can remove the stitches. Another six weeks later, a check up on the teeth will need to be made.