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<p>My name is Theresa Ruiz; I was born in a very nice quite neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. My family consists of one older sister and one younger brother. I’m 47 years of age and have a one Daughter, who has blessed me with a Grandson, and is now expecting her second child this October.</p>
<p> I’ve been in the Medical / Dental Field for 15 years. I recently moved to the Orlando area, where I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to become part of Dr. M. Moncrieff’s staff, where I was offered the position of Office Coordinator which is a very challenging and rewarding position. Our staff is diversified making our working time together a very cultural experience. </p>
<p>It is my pleasure to say that the Doctor’s and staff are very professional and the office environment is a relaxing one.<br />
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<li><a href=My name is Andrew Baylis and I am privileged to hold the position of Office Manager.
<p>The thought of visiting the dentist can be overwhelming for many people and poses a huge obstacle to oral health. My position allows me the opportunity to perform many tasks but my primary goal is to ensure your dental experience is superior at every visit and always better than the last visit. I have a great love of life and family and when away from the office, I enjoy gardening, fishing, playing softball and soccer.”  width=”240″ height=”275″ border=”0″ /></a></li>
<li><a href=My  name  is  Yaima  Perez .  I  was  born  in  Matanzas  ,Cuba  .When  I  was  a  child I  desired  to be  a  Doctor  to   help  people become healthy  .  In 2000,  I  attended   the  Dental  University  in Santa  Clara  and  graduated  in 2005.    I made  the  decision  to  relocate  this  country  to have  a  better  future.   I  am  a  dental  assistant .  I  have enjoyed   working  with  Dr  Moncrieffe  for  almost two years .  The  staff   and the Doctors   are  excellent  ,we   work   well  together  like  a  big   family .  I  love   my  job because I  can help many  people  achieve  their  dream  smile  and  uplift   their  self   esteem .
<p>In  my  free  time  I  enjoy    relaxing   at  home,  reading   a  good   book  ,listening   to  pop   music  , watching   a  nice  movie  and I also enjoy dancing.”  width=”240″ height=”275″ border=”0″ /></a></li>
<li><a href=My name is Marlene Mullings, I am from the beautiful country of Jamaica. I am married and have three handsome boys. I am an expanded duty assistant that have worked in the dental field for thirteen years. I chose to be a dental assistant because I am a hands on and technical person who enjoys the artistry of dentistry. I have been working for Dr. Maxine Moncrieffe and her associate Dr. Marcella Guzman for the past three and a half years. I can proudly say that I am working in an office that the team is on one accord, the dentistry is meticulous and it makes me not hesitate to be at work at 6;30 A.M every morning. I am a dedicated assistant who is excellent in calming the fears of the anxious patient. When I am not at the office, I enjoy cooking, entertaining, crafts,and traveling with my family. Hope to see you soon.